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Best apps to have on your phone

best apps to have on your phone

Without further ado, the 20 Android apps you simply must have on your By enabling the Find/Locate Option, you can easily secure your Phone from theft. Make your great new phone even greater by installing these apps right away. 10 must- have apps for your phone Kim Komando shares three of the best apps to help you navigate the roads, the weather and your finances.


10 Must have apps for a new phone The Pro version is pretty expensive for an app, but not only does it remove annoying ads, it brings handy features such as the ability to record shows and listen to them at any time, as well as access to bubbelspiele 40, audiobooks and advanced social tools for finding and sharing new music. Is it the best designed UI? All you have to do is link the database to a Dropbox file so you can keep it update in all your devices. This can be useful, but given that most televisions come with a remote it's often unnecessary. Plus, it can link up with Google Fit to track your steps. On top of that, it can help generate nearly impossible passwords for you to use on your accounts. best apps to have on your phone


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